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Historical Interpretation

Pike And Shot Events Limited can provide Historical Interpreters for this  specialist area of entertainment in the Heritage Industry.

We offer a number of Historical characters, or Interpreters for a broad range of Time Periods. Starting from the Iron Age, with Celtic Warriors of the Durotriges tribe, through the Roman Invasion of Britannia in AD43, on through the Dark Ages with both Viking and Anglo-Saxon, and then the Norman Invasion in 1066AD.

We have a number of characters for those wanting to know more about the Plantagenet dynasty and the Hundred Years War (1337 – 1453) or Wars of the Roses (1455 – 1485), and can now cover the Tudor period of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I – including the Spanish Armada of 1588  and Sir Francis Drake’s Raid on Cadiz, and his Circumnavigation of the globe.

The Dutch 80 years war (1568 – 1648), and the wider conflict of the Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648), as well as the English Civil Wars are also catered for, and we can also cover the Interregnum and restoration.

The 1685 Monmouth Rebellion, the Glorious Revolution, and both Jacobite Rebellions (1715 and 1745) are covered, plus the move towards a British Empire with the East India Company and Piracy and Smuggling on the high seas. The Georgian period, and Napoleonic Wars are also available for those wanting to delve a little deeper into their local history, and we can bring to life the literary world of J.M.Falkner’s “Moonfleet” or Thomas Hardy’s “Wessex Tales”.

Wellington’s Army, including the little known “King’s German Legion” are also covered, and we can now provide Victorian, Edwardian, The Great War of 1914-18, and World War 2 interpreters.

Many of our Interpretations come as a result of requests from our past and current clients, which include English Heritage, National Trust, and the local schools and colleges.

We can provide many different types of character, from a simple “Show and Tell” from a Historical Interpreter, to a Multiperiod extravaganza with many hundreds of specialists. We can also offer a seminar and lecture package, or a guided tour as part of your requirements, or as a stand-alone event. We can also help by arranging displays and interpreters for schools and museums, as well as costumed talks for clubs, societies and special interest groups.